Detestor - Ego

Text of the song "Virus"

Mcd , 1998 , Beyond... Prod Genre: Death metal

I'm searching a place
A hot place where I can live
Where I can give a meaning
To my life, to my exsistence

Open your fucking veins
Stretch out your little arm
Just like the fire, I'm burning
I like the taste of your pain

Because I am a virus
All'that I am virus
I like to be a virus
I like to kill slowly

Torture, my favourite game
Funny, ruining your cells
I will arise screaming to death
I want and I can do it

Swimming in your blood
facing antibodies
I like your war
I like your death


  • 1) Intro (01:12:00)
  • 2) Fall in my dreams (03:06:00)
  • 3) Virus (03:21:00)
  • 4) My great wings (02:29:00)
  • 5) Burnt (00:50)
  • 6) If this is true (05:00)