Discographie Raw power

La discographie di Raw power se compose de 8 album, un singoloe un lavoro audio/video, sortis entre 1984 et 2010

You are the victim

Lp, 1984, Meccano

Screams from the gutter

Lp, 1985, Toxic shock

Wop hour

7" Ep, 1986, Toxic shock

After your brain

Lp, 1987, Toxic shock

Mine to kill

Lp, 1989, Multimedia attack

Live danger

Cd, 1991, T.V.O.R.

Too tough to burn

Cd, 1993, Contempo


Cd, 1994, Godhead


Cd, 2010
1) State Depression 2) Resuscitate 3) Diggin' Through My Brain 4) Stop Me If You Dare 5) Crawling 6) Words 7) Don't Rush 8) Talked to You Yesterday 9) Screw Them 10) The Rich Man Sucks and the Poor Man Fucks 11) Desperation 12) Fear of the Dead 13) Vote for Me 14) Left of Your Own 15) I Wanna Be Your Dog 16) Watch Your Step 17) The Fun's Over 18) Do What I Say

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