Minnie's - Il pane e le rose

Texto de la canción "We are"

Mcd , 2006 , No Reason Records
Código: NRR01
Género: Rock
I think i should know what works and what does not, after all... but a band that knows its role is almost over and i give our luck a chance! A t-shirt to feel part of a community that is miles away. We don't leave any single line to be, other than the music's edge. We copy with care, we don'r reproduce. But our models are nothing like us, we can't stand them but we can't be without them. We tried so many ways to become what we are today, you can't get off right now, but you can start packing. I tried so many ways but i wouldn't change none, yes we are late, but we are... We are late yeah! But we are into it.